Monday, August 15

Expression and the Truth

Ninox and the Shifting

Monotype, Stencil, Drypoint Etching
Unique State (in two parts)

Ninox connivens and the Red Day Dawn

Monotype, Stencil and Drypoint Etching
Unique State (in three parts)

There is a curious thing about the making of art, it demands that you be true. 

For weeks I worked, diligently and with good practice. My decisions were sound, my research and knowledge adequate, my preparation and execution satisfactory. That was until the day came to finalise the work, make a few last adjustments, complete a well planned and faithful representation that I had visualised for months. But it refused to be completed. My gut ached, my anxiety rose, tears came and anger welled. I pushed it and I pulled it and it would not surrender or succumb. It's defiance saw me swear and feel inadequate, it was a witness to my struggle. 

But there was another image that demanded to be created. As forcefully as the first image could not be finished, this image could not wait to be finished. And with no planning, with no invitation it became itself upon the page. Finally, as I looked upon it,  a contentment fell, the ache quelled and I felt sure that this one spontaneous, expressive birth, was as truthful as I could be at this time and in this place. There was no truth more pure or more honest. A burden had shifted and a recognition had occurred;  be mindful of your true self, it can't be ignored and will demand to be heard, sometimes with a whisper, sometimes with a thud.

For the thud, I am grateful.

Entries in the Caldera Art Awards.

Selection of Finalists 31st August
Exhibition Program runs from 1st September to 18th November 2011


  1. So true Jo! Love your writing. (though I'll have to pop back to see the pics, my net connections playing up)

  2. Hey Judy, have re-posted images - lets hope they stay put!
    Your blog looks great by the way, maybe I need to hire you to jooze up my blog!!