Thursday, March 8

Type+Book Workshop

Can't wait for this one, a brilliant excuse to play with my beautiful lead type, two trusty typewriters, some super simple book making and of course ink ink ink! The inspiring Heather Matthew and I are teaming up again for this one on the 24th of March at Studio 9 in Uki.


  1. Wish I could come, but alas stuck in Brisbane with the bun in the oven still. Meanwhile I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award.

    1. Go little bun go! Good luck with it all - so curious about this Liebster blog award! I'll be sure to google it! :) Jo xo

    2. I think it is just a blogger community award- I.e not official, just a way of recognising great blogs.

    3. Hey Andrea! Did I ever say thanks for the nomination? Thanks! - how is the bun going? xo jo