Friday, September 7

Tiny books in tiny moments

Sometimes when you are a mum, a maker, a project obsessive like myself, you need to use each moment wisely. This is why I usually work so small, it's kind of easier to achieve things amongst making sandwiches, replying to e-mails, wiping noses and doing dishes (I detest doing the dishes!).  So yesterday I dedicated myself to making tiny books. Little tomes that will become little necklaces. Tiny books are like treasure, their pages are intimate and quiet and they always make me think that the people using them are storing away secrets and wishes and dreams - basically I'm a hopeless, hopeless romantic.  So, in my "small moments" my "tiny minutes" I'll be stitching these thumbsized vessels with wonky linen stitching, watercolour papers and beautiful rusted pages, screen-printed leathers and frayed fabrics.  They'll be ready in time for the Christmas Markets (yes, they will be?) and they'll be ready in time for New Years Resolutions.  They will all be unique, they will all be special and they will all be beautiful in a wabi-sabi kind of way.

                    rusted bamboo paper and screenprinted leathers go into this one - already sold!

    a little selection of tiny books, with wonky stitching, handprinted covers, watercolour papers etc etc

my new fave, yellow and black and white, chunky and sweet all at the same time!

Love love this one, already sold, completely gorgeous in it's own crazy stitched way! 

rusted paper sampler

simple japanese stitched binding for this selection of beautiful rusted papers


  1. these are so gloriously beautiful wonderfully GOOD! little thuds in my heart looking at them.

    i didn't know you'd moved to a new blog. i went looking for your other one and it's totally gone - no wonder you weren't coming up in my feeder anymore.... you didn't tell us blog readers you were moving :(

    1. Oh no!! you're right I just moved to a new blog galaxy and didn't tell anyone - Dur!! It makes me so happy to know you like these little books - I just luuurrved making them and I'm busting to get cracking on some more little papery wonders. much thanks miss ellie for reading and looking and writing xoxox jo