Monday, January 21

Holiday Mode


Hello and thanks for stopping by.  We've gone into holiday hibernation here at Olive and the Volcano so there will be new posts starting in Feburary 2013, once children are safely ushered back to school at lightening pace!

New Beginnings

We're very excited about a new Olive and the Volcano website being planned for the early part of this year, a new look blog, jazzing up the online store and of course getting back to the studio for some fresh artmaking, designing and letterpress printing. 

Watch out!

In the next few months we will be working those presses to have a new series of superbly crafted notebooks, cards and paper goods for you. Olive and the Volcano will be expanding your choices by adding to our blank notebooks the choice of grids and lines, especially useful if you're the structured type. Jo is already busy in her own notebooks making sketches for the new designs inspired by recent travels, weird things kids say, colour and pattern, words, music and the everyday.

New Store

Olive and the Volcano is also opening a "little sister" store very soon which will stock a fine array of the completely addictive Washi Tape.  There is a whole world of washi love out there and a gazillion washi projects that will keep you crafting well into the night!  Look out for the new Etsy store called "Volcano Washi" opening asap and the Pinterest board "Volcano Washi Projects" to get you all hyped up to washi your whole house and totally washi your life in all ways!

Lots on the list

The holiday haze has nearly lifted so you can be sure to see some super changes happening here at Olive and the Volcano. It's going to be a grand year so keep checking back regularly to keep up to date on store openings, website launches, specials and workshops.

To get your name on the mailing list just e-mail Jo on
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Happy holidays letterpress loving people

xo Jo

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  1. Oh golly. Not counting the days until school is back or anything..... are you??!!! I can't believe the amount of non-work I've managed. Every time I think I might get something done one or the other of the kids whinge at me; and yes I still only have 2 kids but it surely feels like a whole lot more! sigh.

    I'm so excited for this year. It's going to be good. I have learnt the lessons from last year, and am remembering them - do not need to go through learning that again.