Thursday, June 14

Cyanotypes and Skyscapes

Just made it.....I'm on track to do my posts each Monday and Thursday, let's see how long that lasts! I'm trying my hardest to be disciplined, and so far so good...this week.  

In readiness for the Tweed River Art Gallery Market next Saturday, I'm deeply involved with an old love, a rediscovered love, the colour blue. 

So of late, I've been inspired by blues.....deep sticky indigo blue, washed out and beaten blues, grey like stormy seas, the blues that remind me of crisp Victorian winters and the incandescent blues of the northern skies. 

I caught some of this sky blue amidst the rains, and the studio caught some blue this week while making Cyanotypes for the market. 

They're stained and blurred, soft and fleeting, fugitive like memories. The shadows are of old fabrics, family relics and pieces picked up on my wanders around the property, weaving under trees, caught by spider webs.

So this week it's about blue for me, joyous, melancholy, piercing blue.

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