Sunday, June 17

Market Drunk!

I get a little market "drunk" just before a nice big Artisan market.  The excitement and anticipation is all a bit much and I feverishly work towards getting ready.  It's not only the making that happens prior to  cool events such as these, it's designing the packaging, printing it up and then actually housing the work in it's labels and stickers and wraps. It's having all the little flyers and leaflets ready, doing the blog posts ( which is just trying to get people to be as stupidly excited as you are), the Facebook reminders and the careful wrapping of all of those precious handmade goods you've taken so long to produce.

But the best thing about the markets is the people you get to meet, the conversations you get to have and the connections made between maker and customer.  It's such a rare and wonderful thing to get some insight into where the ideas and inspiration comes from for a little notebook, or some in-depth info about a skill or technique used to make your brand new hand-made journal.

Of course there is the money you hope to make, the interest you hope to get from retailers, the pictures you hope will be taken by bloggers but I always finish a busy market day comforted by the smiles that came from people holding what I make, the stories of who will be receiving a new letterpress notebook and sometimes the drawings made in the book during lunch and proudly bought back to my stall for "show and tell"....that's the best.


See you all at the Tweed Art Gallery Artisan Market this Saturday the 23rd of June.....

The Sew and Tell Market, Bangalow 2012  images courtesy of Noah Barron

The Sew and Tell Market, Bangalow 2012  images courtesy of Noah Barron

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