Sunday, July 1

Fire + Book + Bind Workshop


I love taking workshops, facilitating them and teaching them.  I love seeing people achieve amazing things and I come away so inspired by the day. Totally recharged, energised and motivated to create.
The best thing to hear from someone who does one of our workshops (I work with the super talented Heather Matthew) is that it was the "best day I've had in so long" or that "I never give myself the opportunity to be creative and I love it".  The thing about creating is that it is so good for the soul, it gets you in touch with your "humaness" (if that is infact a word!), it is one of those activities that helps us find our voice, be still for a while, think it through and make something to be proud of.  We all love to learn and that little welling of pride that comes from success in print form, or book form is precious and to be treasured.  We feel alive when we make and that is something to do and do often.


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